AI for smart energy management

Development and implementation of an innovative AI system based on reinforcement learning for energy consumption optimization.

Our framework

We developed an innovative AI framework based on reinforcement learning, that takes as inputs information about the environment (electricity price, generation from renewables, environmental conditions, etc...) and helps with decision making and scheduling of energy use in industrial applications. If available, the digital twin of the facilities can be used to perform simulations and train the RL models, ensuring that energy needs are met.

Putting AI in the hands of the community

Once we develop the AI systems, we give access to a web platform with a customizable dashboard with predictions, patterns and recommendations to be more efficient.

Beyond the state of the art

Most current AI systems for energy applications are based on machine learning. They predict and optimize energy use but they don't have a long-term strategy in dynamic environment such as the energy sector.

Our reinforcement learning framework, which will be open access, enables a more flexible, distributed and efficient way to consuming energy, making better use from renewables.