Replacing fossil fuels


Our intuitive cloud platform provides you recommendations on how you can design a biorefinery, based on your raw materials and compositions.

Design integrated biorefineries to obtain high value bioproducts from different types of biomass, while producing the necessary bio-energy to power the whole facility. Platform chemicals such as ethanol, lactic acid, succinic acid, levulinic acid, sorbitol, HMF, glycerol, bioethylene, and biofuels for cars or aviation can be obtained from renewable biosources.

Download the mass and energy balances, the techno-economical analysis, and the life cycle analysis of your facility.

Life sciences


New formulations, continuous manufacturing, quality by design, and other new functionalities can be quickly evaluated with our platform.

Design safer, cheaper, and more robust production processes thanks to AI-assisted quality by design.

APIs and nutraceuticals like vitamins or DHA omega 3 are examples of the bioactive compounds that can be evaluated in our platform.

Be carbon negative

CO2 to chemicals

CO2 can be converted into a whole range of products; from methanol to alternative proteins.
It only requires energy and the right technology.

Use our cloud platform to evaluate CO2 as a raw material, obtaining recommended technologies for transforming CO2 into your product of interest, minimizing the energy required.

Polymers of the nature


PLA, PHA, bioPET, and others biopolymers made from renewable sources, such agricultural or organic waste. A whole new range of possibilities thanks to digital design of the equipment.

Evaluate their production on industrial scale using our platform, and download both techno-economic analysis and life cycle analysis of your facility.

Circular economy

Chemical recycling

More than two billion tonnes of waste are stored in landfills, and its predicted to rise in the next years. Most of it is not well treated, because of the lack of technologies, initiatives and energy required. Our platform helps you choose the best technologies for chemical recycling, estimate their viability and their energy consumption.

From municipal solid waste fraction to methanol, from agricultural waste to chemicals, our platform helps you evaluate the viability of this processes.

Food Innovation

Food and beverage

Discover the power of fermentation. New formulations, vegan products, alternative raw materials, new textures and flavours. Our platform recommends you the best equipment to transform your raw materials into your food product.

A whole new range of possibilities opens up thanks to digital design of the bioprocess.