No-code AI for process engineering

Intemic empowers chemical engineers to explore, design and optimize their production on an industrial scale by using our intuitive AI cloud based platform

Advantages of using our platform

Why should you consider implementing smart digital design in your company

Reduce time

Spend less time on
the engineering

Reduce costs

Minimize CAPEX and
OPEX of your facility

Boost the

Evaluate bio-sourced
chemical products

Reduce your
carbon footprint

Or become
carbon negative

Use less water

Use only the necessary
water for your process

raw materials

For a cheaper and more
sustainable production

Replace fossil

Evaluate alternatives
of production


Consider waste as
a raw material

Our software: Flowsheet Copilot

Discover the smartest way to design a (bio)chemical process

Flowsheet copilot is the software built by Intemic to automate and optimize the study, analysis, design and engineering of new (bio)chemical processes on an industrial scale.

Assisted by AI, it gives recommendations of which equipment you should use to optimize your economical and environmental criteria at the end of your design.

Our Values

We care about nature

We are aligned with the mission of contributing to climate change and nature, to achieve a sustainable, waste free, decarbonized future

Deep tech mindset

We believe that sustainability can be enhaced through technology, innovative digital tools and artificial intelligence.

Think "outside the box"

We think that creativity is the key to address and solve new complex challenges, and to adapt in a fast and evolving product market

Our Mission

Build next-generation digital tools for the bioprocess industry, to encourage startups and companies be more creative and
explore new, more sustainable forms of production that don't depend on fossil fuels, estimating their viability in days instead of months
and therefore reducing their time to market.


tons of CO2 virtually mitigated


liters of water virtually saved


Projects evaluated


tons of waste virtually recicled