Create the Digital Twin of your processes and products

Analyze, predict and optimize your manufacturing processes
by using our intuitive AI cloud based platform

Our reason to exist

The challenge

Manufacturing companies face a challenge every day when it comes to adapting to new operating conditions in their processes, while they must meet delivery deadlines and established quality.

Our solution

Create the digital twin of your processes or products

Take control of your processes and experiments through a tool that allows you to understand, predict and make decisions, correlating all data from your production, quality control and logistics data through artificial intelligence and advanced simulation models, without the need to be a data scientist.

For industrial processes

Take the full control of your production, observing real-time monitorization, predictions and recommendations.

For lab & pilot experimentation

Design your next experiments, optimizing multiple parameters and understanding the influence of each of them.

For equipment manufacturers

Create the digital twin of your equipment, to simulate its performance in different operating environments, reducing the physical testings.

Advantages of using our solution

Why you should consider implementing the digital twin in your organization

Test less

Analyze, predict and optimize your resources and experiments

Reduce your costs

Receive AI recommendations to reduce your costs

Anticipate failures

Predict failures, breakdowns and bad batches before they happen

Minimize your waste

Reduce both your defective batches and wastes/emisions

Our mission

Help manufacturing companies to be more efficient, using AI to reduce their costs as well as their environmental impact

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